To most people, owning a swimming pool is a lifetime dream, but being able to swim regardless of the weather condition is just overboard. This is possible when you invest in a retractable pool cover.

Benefits of Retractable pool cover

The most important benefit of owning the retractable pool cover is the convenience of being able to swim all year round; during winter and summer. The cover blocks direct heat during summer, thus enabling you to enjoy swimming without worrying about sunburns. During winter, the cover blocks the cold winter winds and snow from interfering with the pool area. Hence, you can enjoy swimming all year round. Further, by protecting your pool from extreme weather conditions, you are increasing the lifespan.

With a retractable pool cover, you can enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor pool in one pool. Imagine being able to swim in an outdoor pool while watching TV or listening to music without worrying about rain damaging your music system. Well, this is possible when you invest in the pool cover. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of an indoor pool while using an outdoor pool, but also, you can enjoy swimming while enjoying the sound of rain pattering the roof. Also, with the covers, you don’t need to spend time removing leaves from the pool, thus saving you time and money.

Preventing water loss from your pool is another major benefit of the pool covers. Fact is, as the wind blows, it blows away the water from your pool leading to evaporation which is a major cause of water loss. Pool cover prevents this in two ways; one by blocking strong wind from blowing water from the pool. Further, the water that evaporates is condensed by the cover, and channeled back to the pool, thus preventing water loss.

Security and improving the overall appearance of the pool is another major benefit of this pool cover. When you invest in a retractable pool cover, you can control who has access to your pool at all times. This is because the cover comes with two locking mechanisms, both for the internal and external. Thus, you can only allow the people you trust to access your pool, thus reducing the occurrence of incidences and accidents on your pool. Further, the cover improves the overall appearance of your pool, since most covers come in unique, trending and fashionable styles.

How the pool enclosure is more energy efficient

The biggest advantage associated with pool enclosure is energy saving abilities. Reduced circulation system time is one of the major energy saving abilities of the pool cover. Most pools take an average of eight hours per day to filter and treat the water. With the automatic pool cover, the time drastically drops to two hours per day, which represents a 75% reduced energy consumption. This not only saves the electricity bill but also ensures that equipment like pumps and motors last longer. The overall effect is reduced energy use, reduced water consumption and decreased the tendency to replace the equipment.

Reduced maintenance is another major energy-saving benefits of automatic pool covers. When the pool is closed, dirt and debris are kept away from the pool thus reducing the costs associated with routine servicing.

Also, the covers prevent UV light from getting into direct light with chlorine. Remember, chlorine is used to purify the water in most swimming pools. When chlorine gets into direct contact with UV, it burns causing you to spend more money on chlorine. The automatic pool cover prevents this by reducing the amount of UV light that gets into direct contact with chlorine. Thus, filtering out the UV reduces energy costs.

Pool covers also prevent evaporation and water loss from the pool. Water loss due to evaporation will cause you to pump water to maintain the water level in the pool. Pumping water uses a motor and other equipment, which can increase your electricity bill. Also, preventing evaporation ensures that the pool temperature is kept intact. Research indicates that pool covers cause a temperature gain as high as 4 degrees.This temperature gain can be beneficial especially during winter, as it implies spending less electricity in heating the pool.

Should I get an automatic pool cover?

Basing on the benefits of the pool cover enumerated above ranging from energy saving, health benefits, ability to use the pool all year round and reduced chemical consumption, it makes sense to recommend investing in pool covers. However, pool covers are quite expensive. The most ordinary ones range from $10,000 to $20,000.Thus, conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the pool cover before making the decision to buy. The rule of thumb is, if the benefits associated with energy saving and chemical saving outweigh the cost of buying the pool cover, then you should buy one. If you are looking for high quality pool covers, check out