Gardening has always been one of my hobbies. As a kid growing up we always had a garden and I was usually out helping tend to our garden.

When my husband and I moved into the house we now reside in 4 years ago, there was already an established compost pile. We didn’t give it much thought, we just dutifully piled broken or trimmed tree branches on top and added grass clippings and occasionally some vegetable peelings.

Soon we realized that the soil under the compost pile was a deep rich brown and it looked really really healthy. We added it to our garden. Our garden flourished.

To make things more convenient, my then 13 year old son took an old washtub and added some dirt and some freshly dug earth worms to digest the peelings. He placed it near a door in the kitchen and admonished us to please place all vegetable peelings into this washtub.

As time passed the tub got full and we would stir it down with a shovel. Over time it would be dumped onto the other compost pile in our garden and we would start a newer compost pile in the washtub near the door.

We continually stirred the compost pile out in the garden with our shovels and added the now rich in nutrients soil to our garden.

Over the years our garden has flourished in this manner and our pantry is full of wonderful fresh food for the eating year round. Some of it I freeze and some is canned. We eat a lot of fresh garden produce in the summer months and into the fall.

By composting in your garden we are preserving the nutrients in our soil and improving the production of our garden without adding harsh chemicals that many of our family have reactions to. We are providing wholesome food and healthy alternatives to those sugary snacks that kids often love.

We are recycling mother natures way. We are giving back to the earth in order to bring forth more from the earth. The grass clippings add needed nitrogen to our soil. The variety of nutrients is endless. We add some steer manure or llama manure when ever we are able to get some from friends that own said animals.

A good weekly stir with the shovel keeps the compost decomposing and it is only a short time till we are hauling it to our flower beds and one of our 5 vegetable gardens. We have a ready source of compost for our yard. It is a family project and we all enjoy it.

One of my kids favorite foods is the fresh broccoli that our garden produces. There are not many kids that will tell you they love broccoli, but mine will tell you just that. They even ask for it at dinner. What a healthy way to teach your kids to eat.