Alas, it’s payback time for me. Have had some wonderful work days this fall crawling around spectacular pieces of properties for work. Now it’s time to put it all “on paper” so having to hunker down on this thing for a few weeks. I’ve long ago learned that getting up every couple of hours is critical to getting some oxygen and blood pumping in my brain to keep me going. One much anticipated break is the walk up the hill and thru the woods to feed the barn cats.

This 15 minute walk every day keeps me in touch on days when I’m otherwise in lockup. Of course the dogs are excited and there are toys to be played with on the way which helps the blood get going. It was a bit dreary today with some drizzle and a few showers. With most of the leaves and flowers gone, I found lots of individual plants caught my attention with either a few bright leaves or flowers hanging on, or of course, seed! And I thought about the blog…but didn’t have a camera. Oh well. But then I realized when I was feeding that duh I’d forgotten to bring a jug of water up, now that we’ve cut the water off up there. Well dang. Looks like I’ll just have to trudge back down and back up the hill – Oh no!! 😀 . So I grabbed the camera and I can now share with you a few plants that are making their statement in these last few days before we are left with only shades of gray.

Aromatic Aster, Aster oblongifolius .  About the last thing to bloom for us.  There are still some butterflies happy to find these.

Dutchmans Pipevine, Aristolochia macrophylla , hangs along the East end of the front porch.  Bloomed like crazy this year and had tons of pipevine swallowtails and caterpillars.  Their chrysalises hang from the porch ceiling.  What do they think about all winter?? 

Switchgrass and blueberries.  Ideal dog habitat.  Just add a toy and the Grass-a-thon is on!

Woodland Aster, Eurybia (no – Aster!!) divaricatus , in seed.  Almost as nice as when in flower!

Lazy way to spread diversity:  Take seedheads, scrape away the leaves and duff with our boot, drop the whole stems and seeds, step on them a time or 2, kick some leaves back over them, visualize success.  Took less than 30 seconds to accomplish.

 Deep red blueberry foliage.

Ahhh….remembering picking these blueberries in July with thrashers and titmice flitting thru the bushes with me.
Lunch today – blueberry and p-nut butter on wholegrain toast.  : )  Tastes like summer for just a little while.

A couple of the barn cats – Callie and the Big Guy.  They’d love to have their own family should you find yourself in need of a furry pal or 4