Was just playing with all the blogger toys and sent this pic, so I’ll go ahead and mention a few things that might be of interest since now is a showy time for this plant.

This is Photinia pyrifolia ( old name is Aronia arbutifoia which I stubbornly use since I dislike Photinia), Red Chokeberry, and is the most likely Aronia you will find in the trade. It is a large shrub or can be shaped to a small tree form, and will be anywhere from 5′-10′ tall. The shorter range has been my experience. They are colonial and slowly spread to nice mounds. With more sun they will spread less.

In spring plants flower heavily with white, apple like blooms clusters for 2-3 weeks, and are popular with many insects. Fall color is a rich red and very attractive.

Birds appreciate the fruit but usually only after it has “aged” and so we get to enjoy seeing the fruit most of the winter.

As for propagation, if you have a plant, the easiest way is to dig the sprouts after they are well rooted, say after their first year. This can be done in late fall or winter in our area (TN).

Seeds can be collected easily since birds tend to wait until later in the spring to eat them. So anytime from fall to mid-winter just collect some berries, clean off the pulp, and either sow them outdoors in pots or propagation beds, or stratify the seed for about 3 months in moist soil before sowing outdoors.

There is also a black fruited species.

If you are like me and tend to chose plants that the birds and wildlife will also enjoy, you will find Red Chokeberry fills the bill.